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The Creative Process Diet by Ben G. Adams

I feel as if The Creative Process Diet by Ben G. Adams  book really makes you want to focus and try to improve what you feel about weightless or how to lose weight by other plans. This is not you typical lose weight fast plan or eat only one food group, or just focus on one thing ( to be thin) Instead, it guides you through different steps that you will use to beat the difficulties you always have with weightless and also to free yourself from the same habits you may fall back into.

From the book, I learned how to build my own plan to a goal that I will get too by following the steps in this book. I can even say that if you take the time to understand the steps and follow through, you'll find your way to a whole new
path to easy weightless, to breaking free from regret and feeling as if your unsatisfied and nver reaching your goals

I can say one piece that I loved is when the author mentions how you have a canvas and the paint is the diets you read about or tried to learn most about to lose weight. However, if your like me you will see that the canvas is being painted with many different colors and always changing, making your own portrait. I know I never could stick to following a plan completely or enjoy the same thing everyday. However, I do enjoy trying to mix one thing with another, to find what really works. Since, one plan isn't for everyone.

So if you take the steps and open your mind to making your own needs and goals, you'll really get to what you are trying to achieve and this book can help you 
learn about that!

I really enjoyed this book and continue to read as I want to keep this information with me whenever I find myself lost and need to restart back to point one.

Great job!

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Also an additional book you can purchase to go with the main book. 
It's a great addition to help you with the Creative Process Diet. This book is called
Basic Forms.

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