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Tea Beyond Teapot and Flowering Tea

Below is the perfect way to enjoy an antioxidant rich tea and the teapot to brew them in!

The Teapot is such a beautiful piece of glass, that allows for you to watch the flowering teas bloom inside the kettle. This is really a beautiful site, and actually this is my first time
I ever owned something like this. I never really used a tea pot like this, but I am now so glad I have had a chance to do so! It's such a beautiful and tasty way to make tea. 

The design is perfect for not causing you to burn your hands, while picking up the handle. The glass is heat resistant and another look at the handle, you'll notice that it's very easy to fit your fingers through. Therefore, you really able to grab the entire teapot and not fear dropping or it slipping from your hands. 

I do love the bumpy style on the handle, gives me a better grip as well! You will also notice if you buy one that it doesn't have a spout that will drip. Instead, the spout is designed to only let out the tea, when you are ready to pour. I also adore the beautiful butterfly that is on top is very cute and you can get it in so many other colors, which I have the pink. I love how they mention the butterfly symbolizes - change to a better life.

This is really a nice teapot by Tea Beyond and for my first one, I am very pleased with it!

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The flowering tea is always a perfect product for a glass teapot because it is easier to view the blooming of the tea. Plus, I never knew this, but been learning how flowering tea is full of more nutrition than regular teas and they are so much tastier! I think after trying this version of tea, I'm never going to feel the same with regular tea. Almost, like when you have cheap chocolate and than you try the expensive brand and your taste-buds are now awake to a new flavor. 

The tea you get is a mix of different flavors like Jasmine Whole Leaf Green Tea, Premium Earl Grey, Caramel Black Tea, and so many more flavors in this package. I really love the lemon and green tea in this combination, the flavors are really eye opening good. Plus, the show you get with every make of tea, is also a beautiful site! Watching the flowers bloom in side the kettle from normal tea leaves, is just beautiful!

There really isn't anything that I've tasted in tea form, that is fresh and delicious as Tea Beyond's Flowering Tea! Delicious!

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