Tuesday, March 10, 2015

RAVPower Wireless USB SD card Reader and More!

The RAVPower Wireless USB SD card Reader is like the perfect gadget to use as a router (wireless or wired). an external battery, and a personal cloud. The device is very small and does so much! you can take it anyplace and have everything in just one product, don't need to buy multiple items.

Here is what you will love as much as I do:

  • Personal Cloud - you are now able to save files and documents that you've downloaded, saved and much more right to a SD card or USB Hard Drive. So you can pretty much work on a vacation or even at home and have all your files
  • saved and backed up just in-case something happens to your computer, at least you have the card or USB Hard Drive with the files saved.
  • Portable Router - go anyplace and be able to connect your devices like the tablets, phones, and computers you own
  • External Battery Power Bank - Perfect Travel Router that allows you to charge a device while on the go and keep you entertained no matter where your at.

What is even great about the device, not only the sleek, small and easy to use design, but that the router is able to be used 3 ways. You can use it wired or wireless or even as a regular router.
I really think this is an excellent product and very useful! However, for everything you get with this one product, you'll be saving so much more money and space because most of the items that you get on this device could be a bit big and take up more space.

So if you are interested in a great travel buddy, than yes this is your perfect pal. I really do enjoy it and it works perfectly from the day I got it and every day since!

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