Friday, March 27

RAVPower 24W/DUAL 2.4A Foldable Plug Dual USB Travel Charger / Wall Charger iSmart

The RAVPower Dual USB Wall Charger is excellent for me because I I have multiple devices at home and so does my family, which really need a spot to charge up. Instead of one USB-Port, your getting two on one adapter. It's funny cause I was so happy with just the one USB-Port I bought awhile back, but after I got this in the mail I have decided to give the single USB Port Adapter a home in the drawl.

I think anyone could use a dual USB Port for a home full of devices, from phones and tablets I'm sure everyone has one or a few lying around. So if your like me and have multiple devices or always on the go with maybe your smart phone and tablet, than you could charge both at the same time with the  iSmart making it charge faster, which I noticed after the first use. The actual battery wasn't going down while having so many apps on at the same time and I was done charging to full 100% in less time than I would be with a USB cord plugged into my computer. Plus, I don't need to worry about my devices over charging and becoming destroyed, thanks to this device.

Therefore, I'm really pleased with this device and love the results I'm getting as well as the LED light that indicates the charger is working.

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