Friday, March 13

OPLUZ USB 3.0 4-Slot Card Reader

The OPLUZ USB 3.0 Card Reader  is a wonderful card reader that can read different size cards. You have your regular memory card slot hidden in the back and the micro SD card slot on the side. 

I like this because it's one product to read all types of memory cards from the ones I use in my camera to the ones I have saved books or games or videos downloaded on. No matter the size this card reader works fine to read it and tells you by the lights that blink when it's either transferring files or when it's plugged in.

I love how well build the OPLUZ USB Reader is, since I use to have one and it worked fine till it broke apart a few times. Was not really worth the 5 dollars I spent. However, this one is really a nice sleek and easy to use reader, plus you get to read multiple memory cards easily.

Love it!
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