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Ogima 7" Inch Google Android Tablet PC 4.4 KitKat

The Ogima 7" Inch Google Android Tablet PC is a beautiful white PC that has a camera not similar to most, but located in the center of the portrait position. Which to me is very unique, than most of the tablets I've seen or used. However, this is actually easier to snap a shot or record, because your holding a smaller side verse the landscape positioning. Plus, the video chat and photo selfie taking is so much easier as well.

It's so much easier to also work with this tablet, no matter age or if your new to an android or electronic device such as this. It has everything easy to touch, grab and organize as you like. The settings automatically change once you enter your Gmail, play store account, or any app that uses Google with your account info. So it's like having your information stored in this tablet instantly, allowing everything on the tablet to have record of all your Gmail emails, apps you've ordered 
from the playstore and so much more.

Reasons why I find this Ogima 7" Google Android Tablet to be excellent:

  • WiFi - Allows you to easily stay connected any place in the house.
  • Size - The 7 inch is easier to handle and allows for great viewing of videos, games, and so much more!
  • Two Cameras - The front camera allows for video chat while the back gives you that fun photo shooting and video recording, which I love to do all the time and share them with my friends.
  • Google Android - I love Google it's been mainly my main system, when buying a device. I can easily set my account and have control to all my apps and saved data.
  •  Easy to Use - Controlling this tablet is a piece of cake! There is no complexity to this tablet and that is something everyone needs none of! Instead, your getting a tablet that is simple to control and figure out from the moment you open the box. Everything is touch screen except for the few keys, which turn on the device and change the volume. However, everything is pretty much at your finger tips. It's so much fun and easy to adjust the settings or to go from app to app, without any difficulty.
  • Volume and Picture - The sound is crystal clear and so is the picture. There isn't any blurry or faded areas and the sound comes out loud and clear for you to hear.

So in my opinion for a tablet that runs at a good speed with Dual Core and has the updated version of Google Android already downloaded. So for a nice classy white tablet that is easy to work with and play on, I would suggest and recommend this 
as a suitable tablet for anyone from beginner to someone who needs an updated version to their own. For the price and the ease of access to everything, I think it's definitely worth the purchase!

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