Wednesday, March 11

Multitool Pliers-15 in 1 Multifunctional Portable Pocket Size by ProMaster

The Multitool Pliers 15 in 1 is a wonderful tool to have on the go or in the house! I love that it has everything I could use for emergencies, everyday use, and pretty much anything. I mean you have here 15 tools in one, and mostly even women could use this to fix and repair things. 
It's like the tool that anyone could use.

I love that it has so much in just one item. Plus, it's made of the highest quality material, as for some brands that love to add so much into one thing and end up being garbage after a few uses.

Here is exactly all the tools you get in this Multitool Plier by Pro-Master:
  • Nail File - fix your nails anytime.
  • Screw Driver - perfect flat head for flat head screws.
    • small - small like tiny devices and maybe even eyeglass size screws.
    • medium - perfect for smaller size screws, like battery packs.
    • large - excellent for those larger screws .
  • Can Opener - open any can you like with this tool.
  • Hook Remover - take out those hooks.
  • Saw - love this, most don't have a saw. You can cut some plastic, wood pieces, and small objects with this tool even rope!
  • Fish scaler 
  • Phillips Screwdriver 
  • Sharp Knife - a great weapon and even a great way to cut up rope or little objects.
  • Wire cutter/stripper
  • Bottle Opener- pop those caps easily with this tool
  • Regular pliers and Needle Nose pliers - even good for crafting with jewelry, if you like!

This is an excellent product and I highly recommend it to anyone because it really is that good! I can use this daily because it has everything I need to take on the go, to use in the house and just to use with any hobby or activity I'm doing that day.

Great job ProMaster!

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