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MelodySusie 2-in-1 Face and Body Derma Roller Kit for Stretch Marks

The reason I love this Derma Roller Kit is because it comes with two heads that you can switch out, which one is smaller and the other is a bit longer in needles as well as amount.
The purpose being that many are used for certain parts of the body. The longer the needle is for things like your scalp and areas where the skin is thicker and needs to go deep. However, the smaller is perfect for the face, around the lip and eyes. 

You will fall in love with this product, as I have! I use to use a regular Derma Roller for all over, till I figured out that it's great, but you'd have to buy certain sizes so your not digging too deep
or putting harm to your body. The benefit of using a Derma Roller, like the one by Melody Susie is to turn your skin back to young, healthy and strong. It actually causes the body to have the need to repair itself.

Just think of it as like pricking tiny holes into the skin, which you DO NOT FEEL! It than makes the skin go into healing mode, as if you got a cut or burn. The skin will begin working extra hard to fix that part of the body that you just treated. Also to mention, you won't notice any pain or wound, but it may be a bit red. However, the redness does go down pretty fast! 

Plus, this device is very easy to use, switching in and out the different Derma Roll heads. Also, the handle is easy to take a grab and hold too and the angle is perfect as well as the rolling action to give you a great speed down the one part of your area that needs treating.

If you want to speed healing of wrinkles, scars, or pretty much any beauty issue try doing this with the Derma Roll ( It is also good alone, but this is just a tip I like to do for extra speed of recovery):

For wrinkles or other skin problem areas:

1. Take your Derma Roll and treat the area
2. Put your favorite serum or oil on that area, since the treated spot is now more acceptable and will go deep into the cells faster, while healing

I notice after every use my skin looking better, from stretch marks to wrinkles this is the best NON Electric, natural human body powered way to heal your skin.

Also it's perfect for hair growth, wrinkles, acne scars, cellulite, burn marks, stretch marks and so much more!

I would recommend it to anyone!

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