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Lavievert High Quality Leather Bag Slim Simple Cover Professional Snug Sleeve Case with Microfiber Felt Lining

The Lavievert High Quality Snug Sleeve Case with Microfiber Felt Lining is a perfect fit for many brand name devices, but of course they have a huge selection and even if you don't have that brand many others will fit the case.  I have the Samsung Galaxy Tab 3/4 7" case. I love the smooth and slim fit of the case, leaves you with less to hold and a snug fit for your device.

It's not slippery, so it won't flop right from your hands while holding the case. Another perk about this leather quality bag is that it's perfect for holding your device securely and keeps you from needing a case. It actually is perfect for those who don't have a habit of breaking things easily. 

Since, I'm very careful with my products, I can find this to be the perfect cover when I'm not using the device. Some rather have the case on all the time, even while use. However, if your not very rough with your device and rather the device to be without any case while in use, than this is a perfect product! 

It really is a wonderful product and a perfect carrying case, without handles.
It's a very well designed and slim case!

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