Wednesday, March 4

Kingtop Wooden Pattern Speaker Wireless Bluetooth Speaker with Hands Free Call Voice Prompt Support

The Kingtop Wooden Pattern Speaker is actually something that really catches the eye! It looks so sleek and unique, verse your typical black or colorful type.Every time I glance at this speaker, it makes me think of the outdoors. It really is a beautiful speaker and so easy to use!

While, you may have had many or tried all types of speakers, this one is actually one of the easiest to pair with your phones and other devices. The reason being, you don't
have to do anything but look up BP on your phone and that's it. No buttons to push or hold on too, except the power button to make sure the speaker is on. Nothing could be simpler than that, plus it makes it easier to just switch between devices and not only have one device using the speaker, when the 2-10 or more in your house wants a turn.

Really a great product, with crystal clear sound and easy rechargeable cord (no need for batteries).

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