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JYJ 4.3" Cute Cartoon Mini Children Kids Tablet WIFI Android 4.2 4GB

The JYJ 4.3" Cute Cartoon Mini Children Kids Tablet is an adorable product for kids to enjoy playing and learning on. The tablet is already with a few of the well known games that are meant to teach a child and yet is also for fun. The color of this tablet is like a baby blue and the cute adorable green cartoon bear face on the back is surly going to catch their attention. 

Here is what you get with this Mini Children Kids Tablet:
  • Android 4.2 Jelly Bean - It's still pretty well updated for a child to use and even an adult, with the fun games and the ability to download many more off of Google Play Store.
  • 4.3" Size - Perfect to fit little hands and makes it easy to travel and carry with.
  • 4 GB Memory - It has 4 GB for storing your downloaded material and saved work, but you can expand the memory to 32 GB and have enough space for videos, games and much more downloaded or saved the the SD card. many devices may not include an extra port for adding memory, but this one allows you to save as much as you like.
  • Single Core - Even though it's a low amount of speed, but for a child it's really a good amount for them to use. I even find it OK to use from time to time. 
  • Dual Cameras - Perfect for fun recording and picture taking. Just something fun to play with and do while on the tablet. 
  • 3D Support - The screen is brilliant and allows you to view clear 3D or even 2D images with perfection. Plus, add in the sound and you'll feel like the movie or games you play on this, will feel as if your at your own theater.
  • OTG - Allow you to add additional accessories like a keyboard, mouse, card reader and much more!

Finally, You really have a great device here. I think what I really love is the adorable color and design of the tablet for children, the easy to access all the apps and doesn't confuse a child or make it hard for them to know how to use the tablet. It's just something that a child would love to play with and keep them occupied for hours. 

Terrific Product!

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