Wednesday, March 18

John Shaw's Guide to Digital Nature Photography by John Shaw

The book John Shaw's Guide to Digital Nature Photography is an excellent book about working with nature, using different accessories to help you, and making your photos look as gorgeous as the ones in the book. It really gives you so much information about every little thing, that you actually feel inspired to dust that camera off and go shoot some unique and bold shots of the outdoors. What I really love about this book, is that it explains everything! You have information about tripods, flash photography, filters and so much more. The book even allows you to take in some inspiration by the beautiful photos seen on the many pages. I really love how detailed and helpful this book is for anyone, even beginners.

I learned so much about placement when working outdoors, from action photos and even angles. The book is like the course you could learn online, but instead take it in by reading and viewing the photos in this book.

I really think the author did a wonderful job explaining and giving us visuals with the photos captured in the book. He really is giving everyone some much needed guidance to improve and shoot the most bold and brilliant photo every time.

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