Friday, March 27, 2015

InnoGear 3.5mm Stereo Gaming Headset Noise Cancelling Hifi Surround Sound Game Headphones


The InnoGear Gaming HeadSet is perfect for playing some online games and hearing no background noise around you. I love that not only is the sound Crystal Clear and there is a built in microphone, but I love how attractive the design is. You have bright blue LED lights and the blue and black color. It really is a very different and unique design towards using a traditional black headset or white one. 

You will love the ear muffs as they are soft and don't put pressure on your ears or head. You can easily adjust the entire thing and share it with others. However, I think since I'm the only gamer in this house, no one will be using this. 

Plus, it's easy to adjust the volume up and down without using the computer because it's on the headset.

For an inexpensive product, your getting a high quality gaming headset. 

Great job InnoGear!

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