Monday, March 23

Inateck 13.3 Inch MacBook Air/ MacBook Pro Retina Bohemian Style Ultrabook Netbook Bag & Sleeve

This Inateck 13.3 Inch MacBook Sleeve is a well designed to keep your device secure and still look stylish as what I get from it. The style is so pretty and with the choice of black, white and pink, I knew I had to go for the pink it's my favorite color. However, either color I think really looks nice and pretty with different patterns.

The sleeve is actually secured by a tan button on the one end and the band keeps it from coming open. The bag is like a mini piece of the sleeve with the same matching colors and patterns. It is a drawstring and can hold things like a mouse or really anything you like.

I love that the sleeve has a soft protective lining inside, keeping the computer or tablet( which it doesn't matter if you fit a large tablet in this bag, it will fit) from being scratched up or destroyed.

It's a really nice product, well made and easy to hold.

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