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I-Venstar Digital Camera Camcorder Waterproof Outdoor Sports Full HD

The I-Venstar Digital Sports Camera is a perfect size and shape for capturing all your action shots from in or by the water, down a snowy mountain, on the road, through the woods, and just about any place! You have here is the Sports Camera that comes with a case keeping it protected from water and dirt, while performing your wild action moves. You also have a choice to get a memory card as high as 32GBs, which gives you more time to record multiple or one shot and not have to deal with uploading every hour or two because you don't have enough space to record any longer.

Here is what your getting with the I-Venstar Digital Sports Camera:
  • Light Weight Action Camera- You get this small camera that doesn't even feel like it weighs more than 5ozs.
  • 12mp - Able to take clear and wonderful photos/recordings at any location, with the camera shooting it nice and still without any shaky or unwanted movement from the camera recorded.
  • HD - You can have the best of HD in all your recordings and make your own movies that star you! No need to have crummy recordings to share with everyone because this camera will give you the look of actual movie captured shots every time. This is one of the things I really enjoyed once using this camera. I never had the best shots, even with a shaky hand you can't mess it up!
  • HDMI Supported - Your able to connect a micro USB HDMI cord into the camera's USB Port and view the videos on the big screen. 
  • Extra Accessories - You also get everything else you need to travel with this camera from placing it on your helmet, diving into the water, and even taking it on your car, plus much more! 
  • Remote Control - Some camera's don't include the camera, which makes it easier to snap a photo or start the camera from a distance. No more arm reach to begin video recording or need of another to hold the camera, while you performing your stunt. Now you can start the camera and stop it when ever or where ever you may be at.
  • 2 inch LCD Display - The camera gives you a wonderful view through the 2inch screen. This is a perfect window size for viewing your playbacks or scrolling through the menu and setup. 
  • 170 Degree Wide Angle HD - Your going to be able to video record with a nice size wide angle camera, which will be able to capture a good amount of the area your in. Also to mention many sports cameras are not even that wide in angle, some can come in at 130. So this is a pretty decent size!

The best part is that when you have this type of action camera, your getting an easy to use product. The buttons there are only 2 and for the menu/setup your able to easily scroll through the many things listed and change them to the way you like for the sport/action shot your recording. I actually found it easier to use than a regular point and shoot camera or digital camera. Another perk, is that this is a rechargeable camera so no worries of batteries and you have included with the camera all the cords to charge up the battery.

Finally, I really think for a camera that isn't as expensive as a GoPro, that can provide you every extra accessory and it can take crystal clear like movie action shots with perfect pickup on voices and noises, than to me this is really an excellent action cam to own!  

I feel I found my new favorite camera for my everyday adventures and outdoor sports!

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