Wednesday, March 11

Herb Scissors - Master Culinary Multipurpose 5-blade Stainless Steel Heavy Duty Kitchen Shears

These Herb Scissors by Master Culinary are terrific for cutting through all types of herbs you grow outdoors or fresh ones from the store. I love that it's like owning a pair of scissors times 5!
What one pair can do, five can do so much better. It really can take your full leaves of basil, your long pieces of chives, or the other delicious herbs you may use and mince them into fresh bite size pieces, perfect for garnishing and adding a great new flavor to a dish.

What I love is that the product is green and makes it easier to know it's perfect for herbs and that the five stainless steel is very strong to cut through a bundle of herbs easily.
So really your not getting a pair of scissors that may be good on day one and over time will start to rust and feel hard to open and close on anything, but instead you'll have a pair that will last and cut through fresh herbs for a long long time.  

What else, it's easy to clean, to use, and makes for adding a delicious touch to every meal!

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