Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Grace of Gratitude Journal Spiral-bound by Deborah Perdue

The book Grace of Gratitude Journal Spiral-bound is such a beautiful book and not just because of the artwork, but the way it makes up open our hearts and allows us to ponder why we are grateful. I think for a journal that is not only allows you to relax and take in the happiness of life around you and as you live it, but it also gives you that chance to write down what your grateful for. 

I find that is what makes me smile, is that I can stop the stress or disappointment I had during the day and think what really is why I am happy to exist, what one thing made my day feel so much better, or something/somebody that always was there and helping me when I needed it. I really must say that Deborah Perdue made a wonderful journal that uses our selves and our minds to find what makes us happy and keeps us inspired to go another day or why the smallest things in life really make a big difference.

Wonderful journal and so inspiring and beautiful!

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