Wednesday, March 18

goPure Naturals Argan Oil - 100% Pure & USDA Organic

I love the pureness of this product! No heat treatment to get pure and natural Argan Oil by goPURE Naturals. The product Comes out with a nice and thin not to thick velocity, while it absorbs into the skin or hair very quick leaving no greasy feeling. I love using this after washing my hands or taking a shower, it really adds a glow and moisturizing to my skin!

Since Argan Oil is very well known for nails, skin and hair you will be very impressed with the results you get after a few uses. I know I was first scared that if this is an oil, won't it cause my hair to be greasy or my skin to break out. However, I was wrong, the results are terrific and my skin, nails, and hair just feel and look shiny and strong without that greasy leftover feeling. The skin absorbs it so well!

This is really an excellent product and can be used to heal and repair the most damaged and dry skin out there. Excellent product and the dark brown container keeps it potent.

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