Friday, March 13, 2015

Ezcap Game Capture Hd, 1080p Hdmi/ypbpr Recorder in to USB Flash Disk for Wiiu, Xbox 360, Xbox One, Ps4 Black

Capturing action shots can now be possible, thanks to the new creation of Game Recorders just like the Ezcap Game CaptureI think you will have to agree that if you want to share online some images of your games, that is if your a big time gamer you might just want to share or keep some recordings of your battles, well you can with this recorder.

Most are a bit confusing and some don't really do what they should, but this product really does a great job capturing every moment! Plus it can be used on a wider choice of game consoles, verse most.

I love that I can use this, with the best quality HD to capture games I play on my Wii U like Super Smash Brothers and even games on my Xbox 360. However, once I get the new PS4 or Xbox one I'll be able to use it on that as well.

Now what it actually does is take a capture of your video game play, when you ready to record it! However, with the Ezcap Game Capture attached you don't need much to start it, just set it up like it says in the instructions, than just click the button to begin recording.

So actually you don't just have it playing the entire time, only when your ready for it to start and stop. No matter where your at in the game, you can play it at any time.

The design of the box is not huge, maybe close to the size of a Smart TV Box, and has all the cords you need to start right after it arrives!

I love the quality of the images recorded, and how easy it is to set up and use it.  I really recommend this to anyone who wants to capture memorable shots of game play with your friends, over the internet, or just with any game your playing.

Terrific product! 

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