Thursday, March 5

Dot&Dot Teether Necklace and Bracelet

The Teether Necklace and Bracelet set is like a set of pearls, but made of silicone. It doesn't feel like your wearing a heavy piece of jewelry and they come in such lovely bold colors.
I love that it's like having a fashionable piece of jewelry, bracelet and necklace and a chew toy for your child to grab and munch on. 

The silicone that is used is BPA free and contains NO CHEMICALS! I really don't' like when I get a product that looks beautiful and may work great, but contains chemicals that could either make things worse down the line verse helping you. Therefore, when I seen the necklace and bracelet set, I was just mesmerized on how they created silicone to look like pearl round beads and that it was safe for babies to chew. 

I think this is the first new and different product, of fashionable jewelry I've ever seen! Terrific product and so easy to put on, no tight feeling or struggle. Great product to own for you and your child!

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