Wednesday, March 4

Dot&Dot 18" Packing Organizer/Folder/Envelope

The very large 18" Packing Organizer by Dot and Dot is perfect for those who have a lot more clothes to store for vacation or anyplace you're going to travel. The case can hold 8-12 easily of any pair of pants and shirts, but of course if your packing it with children size clothing or small items, you can store a lot more in this case. No matter, what you place in this pack, your never going have to worry about wrinkles because I've notice even if I'm placing my jeans, pants, skirts, and blouses in the case, none of them have ever moved or got pushed around so much that it would cause them to become super wrinkly or messed up from how I folded them.

I really am impressed with the 18" Packing Organizer and for the size, it's perfect for the many clothes I love to take along with me on my vacations. Plus, it doesn't take up so much space like many luggage bags. Instead, it's very slim and can store easily into the car, taxi, train, bus or any place your going to be traveling on.

Wonderful product to own for safe and wrinkle free clothing, while traveling.

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