Wednesday, March 4

Dot&Dot 1.25oz Travel Bottles

The 1.25oz size  Travel Bottles by Dot and Dot is a really nice set! You really can fill these silicone bottles with anything that you like and easily clean and refill again! I love the four different colors you get to choose from and how easy it is to get the last amount of product out of the bottles with a squeeze. The shape and design of the product makes it easy use every last drop up, no waste and easy to carry along in your purse or on vacation, without taking up too much space.  

I think that for anyone from kids to adults, would find great use for this product. I know I have already been enjoying the use of these to fill them with my own homemade lotions, creams and serums for all different uses! They just make for the perfect travel buddy.
Plus, four bottles for the price isn't bad, since they will last you a really long time and doesn't have any chemicals in the silicone like plastic bottles would have from the store.

Awesome product!

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