Saturday, March 21

Dog Hair Brush Rake 3-in-1 Value Pack

The Dog Hair Brush Rake 3-in-1 is a great value pack for the price! You get a rake style brush that gets deep and takes out the loose hairs, which my hairy Chihuahua really needs. However, these can be used on all dogs any size! It is horrible to have all that hair coming off of her in the winter, my mom has allergies and it becomes a problem. So the rake type brush easily takes those hairs off her and keeps the floors bare from fur!

The two sided brush is one like I had, except not from the dollar store and it doesn't hurt to use! Unlike the brush I had before this one, this brush is very well made and not painful or scary looking to use.The one part nicely spreads the dogs natural oils throughout the fur and the other side helps keep the knots and tangles away. Plus, it also gets rid of the extra loose hairs.

Now the last brush is perfect for the underside of the dog, something I never knew there was a brush for.This actually is easy to use and like the rake it actually is used the same way. It takes off those loose furs and keeps the dog looking gorgeous!

Really a wonderful pack of 3 brushes and at a great price!

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