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Do the Clearing: a step-by-step guide to living a happy life and getting what you want by John Benz

The book, Do The Cleaning by John Benz is a terrific book! I have to say, at first I was just curious about the book because of the lovely title and cover page as well as the back. However, once I began to read the book and learn what exactly the clearing was, I actually didn't want to put it down! It just made me want to learn more and focus on using the technique on my life. 

I am really impressed by this author, as he took what we all focus on daily and brought it to our attention to why they may be causing us to feel as we do. I mean after reading the one section about possessions it just made me curious about my life and items I have, if those things I love are really just making me only believe I'm as good as the items I keep. In away, I feel as if I take in consideration to the book that I remove those items that may cause me to feel less as strong or unable to focus on what I want in life, that maybe I'll actually get to where I want to be.

However, the entire book was full of useful information and I mean USEFUL! It's not your typical book that sometimes you may of already know the same procedure to cure this or fix that because of the many other books and informational guides out there. this book is something that you won't find in any other book, this is a totally informative guidance book that will influence you to be free of those problems you stress about, free of feeling disappointed with your life, sad about things that you feel you can't change and so much more!

I am really pleased with this book and the author, as he did a wonderful job providing us with really good information to think about and take into consideration, which actually works!

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