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DesertWolf Premium Cotton Canvas Cross Body Laptop Messenger Bag by IBSound

The DesertWolf Premium Cotton Cross Body Laptop Messenger Bag is more than a laptop bag, it's a way to carry other devices as well or even if your in need of a way
to hold your camera and other accessories, it can do this too!  What I love is that this bag is stylish, well made and doe have many pockets for holding smaller items and accessories.

I can use this for traveling with my laptop or just about anything. It really also makes a great storage bag for a 10" tablet with case and keyboard as well. The handle is even nice and strong, doesn't fall off when lifting or carrying the laptop or other device your using in this bag.
I actually love the color of this coffee bag, but of course all the other two are nice as well, which are green and khaki.

I think for the well stitched design, the size and the fabric, this product really does a great job holding your devices or device and keeps it protected from becoming damaged by scratches or marks.

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