Monday, March 9

Consciousness Archaeology by Maximus Freeman

The Consciousness Archaeology by Maxiums Freeman is honestly a book that lets you dig deep in to yourself and learn how to let go of the stress, frustrations, and problems that you feel may be keeping you from being you. I think what I found is that this book really can teach you new ways of releasing our insecurities and problems we face day to day. I think the I can very well relate to similar issues that Maximus explains, as he tries to let go. I seem to have the problem of always of falling back into the same habits or not finding away to vanquish these problems without losing myself. However, now after reading this book I actually feel as if I'm able to recognize the problems before they arise and with the books guidance, I can figure out how to avoid getting back into the hole that I get stuck in every time I'm frustrated or stressed by problems. 

The Consciousness Archaeology is  a very informative guide and great read for anyone who wants to understand why you feel the way you do and how you can overcome these problems. I really love how well the book is written and explains every thing we need to get our lives back on track and our minds and souls set to live a healthy and glorious life! 

Finally, this book may just be the answer to help stop ourselves from judging our lives, and actually begin living the lives we really want to live!

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