Friday, March 27

Coccyx (Tailbone) Seat Cushion for Home, Office, Car, Truck By Nifty Seat

The Nifty Seat memory foam seat cushion is such a wonderful pillow for giving your lower back total comfort, while you work or drive in a seat all day. I can so relate with many who have to sit and do paper work or work on the computer. Even though I'm not driving, I still have to work at a desk or when doing crafts I'm still sitting. So when I seen this product I just was amazed with the design and how comfortable it looked from the picture. Just thinking about memory foam made me smile! 

I knew once it arrived my bottom and back would feel so much better than being uncomfortable sitting all day long. Of course, I was not wrong with the feel of the product. I just kept thinking how relaxing it was once I tried it. The best part is that I don't need to leave it at home, I can take it on a road trip anyplace and never need to feel back pain or just pain from sitting all day.

Actually, I feel as if it makes my job and my hobbies or traveling a whole lot better!

The design with the polka dots are so cute, I love the size and how thick of a memory foam you get in this pillow. It's just the right size, right shape and the right product I needed for comfort!

Great job Nifty Seat, I really love your product!

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