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ChargerCity Tablet and Smartphone Accessories

Below are 4 wonderful items you could use to take photos and mount your device to a tripod, monopod, or even your car.


This is perfect for snapping selfies from a distance and if you like with friends and family members. I love that it's all on the stick, the button to snap the photo, no more need to use a remote control. The surface of the handle isn't slippery, so no fears of the camera and Selfie Stick flying out of your hands, while trying to position it.

It's very simple to use, doesn't cost a lot and is perfect for portraits that also include you! Love the simplicity of this product!

Plus, bonus of the SD transfer card for capturing moments and sharing them on the computer or other devices.

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Perfect product that can support your phone, for the car or even on a tripod mount. It's very easy to open and strong grip to hold your device. I use my Smart Phone often and this works perfectly keeping my device still and from falling out of position.

I haven't had any accidents or problems with this mount, it's very well made!

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Now I heard many holders are created for the smart phone, but this is perfect for those who want one for their tablets or tablet phones. The size is perfect to hold strongly around any size tablet from 7" to 11". However, one thing I like about Charger City products, are they don't have mounts that would cause damage or ruin the side of your device, something nobody would like.

Instead, you are getting a strong hold/grip Mount, that perfectly keeps your device stable while you use it. I can easily attach this to my tripod and go to work or even use the camera on my Tablet, which I love using the 10" and this works perfectly for allowing me to use my tablet and take recordings and photos outdoors and in.

Great hold, no damage and just a terrific heavy duty product! 

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Don't fear this Stand to ever fall over! It really is a strong heavy duty made stand, maybe more than a normal tripod would weigh. It's so strong that it can stay put if you happen to knock hit it slightly. No more tipping over from heavy gusts of wind, that's for sure.

Base as heavy as a work out weight.
I think this was the first seen and received item that is made so strong and heavy duty. I really think when you get something like this, your getting something for a lifetime. It really is that good! I mean I can do anything and it acts like a tree, strong and standing tall.

Extends with a push of the button

The best part is that I can adjust the size from 10 to 16 inches, very easily. This is a really awesome product and if you want a better way to hold your tablet up than this works perfectly and is a really good buy!

I would highly recommend this product!

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