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Bright IN - I5 Bluetooth Smart Bracelet Sports Wristband Pedometer

The Bright IN company has created a wonderful device known as the I5 Bluetooth Smart Bracelets Sports Wristband. This product is made to help you track the amount of calories you burn, steps you've taken, the total distance, time and sleep quality all on the OLED screen
What makes this a great bracelet to own is that it's not you typical piece of jewelry or a watch, but instead a buddy that keeps you on top of your healthy. However, the black works perfectly for women and men of any age. The size of the bracelet can easily be adjusted for your wrist and the best part is that you  can easily track it on your IOS or Android Phone. 

Since the I5 Smart Bracelet is rechargeable, all you need to do is stick it into any type of USB port and juice it up for your next use. Sometimes, what I find to be a bit annoying, is to have to recharge the battery often on any type of product. However, the Smart Bracelet actually can stay charged for a long time because your not using it every minute and it goes into standby mode. Therefore, your able to use it longer during a day than having every few hours to go and charge it up. So if your working out longer, than your not going to need to stop charge and start again. Also, the best part of this product is that charging only takes 15 minutes and not hours! 

Now to use it with your phone of choice (with IOS 7 or Android 4.3 and above), you will need to download the App to begin using the Smart Bracelet with the phone.

For the most part, the I5 Bluetooth Smart Bracelet is very easy to use like any pedometer, but you don't have to worry about clipping it on your clothing and just wear it around your wrist.

Awesome product for anyone who wants to keep an eye on their health and doesn't want a complicated and an expensive device to do so!

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