Thursday, March 12

Bael Wellness Tea Tree Oil

The Bael Wellness Tea Tree Oil is such a really nice and potent product that can be used in so many ways! I love how much you get for the price of real Tea Tree Oil.  I love that this can be used for acne and fungus and many skin issues. I think the smell is not too bad, but for clear and beautiful skin I am glad to have it!

The smell is so strong, and very unique towards anything else you might have smelled. However, if using it for the skin or any place it doesn't stay that strong, but it will help you achieve that clear and beautiful skin you are dreaming for! I loved tree oil since I was young, it was well known for acne and till today, I still enjoy it! So to have a product that comes in a nice and decent package, almost like a gift and the container is made to easily pour out a small amount and not too much goes to waste. I really love this product and the way Bael Wellness packaged it!

I love that they store it in a brown bottle, keeping the product potent and that I can use it when ever and everyday if I like. 

Wonderful beauty aid!

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