Wednesday, March 25

Aukey Automatic Sensing and Scan Handheld Barcode Scanner / Reader Scanning Barcode with Hands Free Standing Bracket

The Aukey Automatic Sensing Handheld Barcode Scanner is so much easier to access your collection of DVDs, CDs and even just the random products you want to 
keep note of. I even would think this could be great for a small business as well.

The handle of the Scanner is a perfect thickness, giving you the perfect grip around. Plus, it's not Bluetooth, but instead wired. I actually find that a bit easier to work with.
However, with the wired scanner is that nice standing bracket, which makes it easy to keep is in the easy to grab and scan position and allows it to stationed, wherever you would like to place it. You can even scan while it's placed in the stand, by the automatic sensing it will stat scanning a bar as you place it near it. 

Another perk is that this scanner is able to scan from a long distance. So you don't need to be super close to get the code, which some need you to be at a perfect distance.

I think for a well designed scanner, the Aukey Automatic Sensing Scanner is very easy to use and makes organizing and selling a whole lot easier as well!

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