Tuesday, March 10

Aukey 12000mAh Portable Power Bank Charger External Battery Pack with AIPower Tech for Apple, Android and other USB Powered Devices (5V 2A Input , 5V 3.4A Output for Fast Charging)

The Aukey 12000mAh Power Bank is a wonderful device, worth buying! It really will charge your tablet or phone faster and can be sued for apple and android products. Plus you can even use any other MP3 Players or other USB powered devices. I love that it isn't meant for one brand or that you can't charge your older devices, but instead it's for everything that is USB powered and that is mainly a lot of things I own!

Power button on the side

I can charge two items at a time and with the 12000mAh, your getting a better charge for those large devices and the AIPower for faster charging is excellent!

added bonus - flashlight

I really love this for on the go and just to keep inside the house for emergencies. It really does a great job of charging!

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