Wednesday, March 11

ACEVIVI Cosmetics 2 Professional Makeup Palettes

I have here are two beautiful ACEVIVI Cosmetic Professional Eyeshadow Palette Kits below. They also sell a bunch of others to choose from. I think the many colors in these kits will surely please anyone!

The colors in this collection of ACEVIVI 72 Colors Eyeshadow Palette Kit is perfect for taking on the go and for those who love pinks and reds, like me! This is easy to open and is perfect set for travel because you wouldn't need a mirror or any brushes to use this set, everything is included. I love that the colors are nice and bold and easy to blend.  Plus the lip gloss and blush is there as well, makes for a wonderful gift and travel kit!

Beautiful case!

You will love the variety and the other colors too! It really is a perfect kit for a gift or for yourself.

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The colors of the ACEVIVI Professional 180 Collection is just the right amount to keep your eyeshadow matching any outfit your going to wear!There is so many colors to choose from, that everyday can be a different color or color blend. However, I am very pleased with the size the way it is well designed to look like your personal beauty table with a mirror. It's awesome that you pretty much can go any place and dress your eyes up, even if the place your at doesn't have a mirror.

More colors inside!

The eyeshadows are very easy to spread on your eyes, with your brushes. I like that I am saving a whole lot if I buy a box like this for under 30$ verse many in-store with the same set up or even less.

It is a really great professional makeup kit and could be a wonderful gift for a loved one or friend. I really do like this and find it fun to different colors daily!

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