Thursday, March 5

2 New Wonderful Phone Wallets by HaveSome Goods

Below is two new products by HaveSome Goods, which will make having your phone easy to take along with you and stand them up for easy use
any place your at!

This is a nice idea to keep your phone supported as a stand and slim enough to fit into your pocket. What stands out the most is that it's a silicone product, allowing it to be easy to clean, so any mess can be removed easier. Plus, I really am enjoying the extra pocket to slide in some
cash or my bank card.

Adhesive backing 
I think for the most part, the colors are even a wonderful thing! Not just black, but a variety you can choose from and the design is so unique and different it's something you won't find anyplace else.

Allows you to stand the phone up and can go back so you can fit your phone in your pocket.
It's very easy to use, very slim, allowing you to take everything you need in this wallet and not have to carry a bag. I really do like this product and think anyone who wants to carry something lighter and supports the phone by protection and as a stand for working on or enjoying videos on, than this is a wonderful product to buy or gift!

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The case really gives you a snug fit, and i like that i can easily slide my cards into the wallet pocket side and my phone is able to be used on the other side.

The camera is not blocked, which I actually used on one of my newer phones and my older phone. The silicone is totally awesome, something about silicone being easier to keep the phone from overheating and feeling hot to the hands. I don't know
what it is but the product is so unique enough to say I love it even more than traditional cases!

It really is so useful to carry everything in my pocket with this wallet. No more running to a store for 5 minutes or 10 and lugging around a huge bag, when I can stick everything in this Silicone Mobile Wallet Case.

It's really a simpler way to enjoy shopping with my arms not carrying a huge bag, since I do like to almost bring my entire house into my purse. I sometimes could almost look like I'm traveling with my bag, ha ha. However, this is such a nice way to 

shop with less, protect your phone and have everything you need easily to access!

Awesome product!

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