Monday, March 30

2 New Selfie Sticks by URPOWER

Below is two new sticks that allow you to take beautiful selfies and family/friend portraits with you in them. 

The Selfie Stick by URPOWER is totally different than most versions and brands. There is no need for batteries, which to me sounds like an excellent thing. When I first seen the product I was a little curious how the product worked, since you need a USB cord (included) to charge it. Than I finally figured out by the instructions and the use of the device, that the pairing with the device and taking great shots with the button on the handle is in need of the power supply.

The colors are awesome, which you don't' have to stick to just black. I have the pink, but of course I liked all the colors from green, blue and black. However, chose the color that I love the most. From the image to the product receive you get everything that is mentioned and it looks exactly as you see it advertised in the photos, color and size. Plus, the multiple phones that can use the device, even older smart phone versions, that is something I like as well!

It is a very interesting device and only the first I ever heard or own that has a rechargeable battery. You have to love the power of technology and the new upgrades it gets each day! 
For easy usage and the excellent performance, I would highly recommend the Selfie Stick with Rechargeable Battery to any Smart Phone owner who enjoys selfies and portrait shots. 

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This is a beautiful long stick that can withstand a camera like the GoPro or a smart phone. I have a similar camera like the GoPro and was interested in this product for holding it up because I'm scared to test a light weight monopod stick with it. 

This did a wonderful job keeping the device in the air and in place for me to snap a photo from a distance. The perk of this stick is that it comes with a remote and a mounting, which is something I can always use. I really like the black sleek design and how sturdy and well made this product is. 

Really a great product for a low price! Just looking at it and actually holding the pole makes you know that it's not some wimpy or easy to break, type of product.

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