Monday, February 2

UV Urine Detector

The UV Urine Detector Light is a wonderful device to spot those nasty pet messes, you can't see. I know when you have a puppy it's hard to spot some areas or catch the doggy in time before they make the oops on your floor. My Sugar, when she was a puppy would go all over, but we trained her to avoid doing so. However, we got another doggy who tends to still mess up sometimes and it's hard to make sure we cover and clean the spot because it's hard to tell when it's dry. You can probably smell that something happened, but if it's dried up and unable to be detected, you probably won't clean the right are and end up having your doggy or other animal making the same mistake in the same area.

So if anything, this little gadget(batteries included) can actually detect recent or past mistakes and allow me to clean the spot and spray so it doesn't become a regular thing.
It's very easy to use as well, takes out the guess work and nice size to take or place anywhere.

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