Wednesday, February 25

USB Super Game Controller -- 16 Bit Classic!

I really love the classic games and when you have a computer, you can bring all your favorites back to life! It's easy to get them on the screen of your computer or even with a smart box for the TV. However, when your trying to play a game and can't use the same arrangement of your classic SNES (Super Nintendo Entertainment System) Controller uses, it can be difficult. That is why, I love the USB Super Game Controller.

This is a wonderful Controller by Geekery Zone! It's like super cool for those who love the classic games of SNES. I myself am a huge classic gamer, but I do love the newer ones as well.  I have pretty much a collection and its growing, with games and systems.
However, Nintendo is top choice on my fave list!  So anyways, this controller is like super awesome, it makes playing my games on the computer similar to playing the real thing on a SNES System.

You have everything similar to a regular SNES Controller, but the only difference is that you plug it into your USB Port of a computer or smart box( I still want to try that out). However, just imagine playing all your games and using the correct keys from a distance, not using the keyboard or a mouse(sometimes games have that option).

I am so bringing back the 90's, and enjoying every moment! 

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