Monday, February 9

URPOWER Camera Monopods Review

Below I have two different Monopods for your Smart Phones, that allow you to take selfies and portraits that include you and the background as well as friends/family. 

I love this one because it's easy to set up and works with older phones as well as newer smart phones. I can take a picture from a distance and not need a remote in the other hand, since it's all on the stick.

The URPOWER Monopod is nicely designed, so that the handle doesn't slip out of your hands. it has a textured handle to allow you to grip it with ease and not have it glide right out of your hand, while you rotate it around. The color choices there are a few to choose and I have the green which is nice and bright as seen in the photo.

I love that it works for all phones and newer additions, also that it's inexpensive.

Great product and very easy to use and assemble!

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Terrific way to reach a distance and it doesn't need any Bluetooth pairing. Instead you insert a audio cord into your phone and your ready to snap photos. The button is located on the handle, making it easy to set up and snap photos when ever your ready.

The best part is that you can use it with older smart phones, like a Samsung Galaxy 3. However, newer additions can be used too! 

The mount grips your phone without case perfectly and the handle is sturdy enough to let you grip it and not have it slide out. Even the entire Monopod is made to last, so it's not going to break once you telescope the Monopod to the farthest position.

I love that it's still an easy to assemble product, that it doesn't need any pairing and it works with many older and newer phones, which most don't allow old ones or some new brands.

Great product and very easy to use!

If your interested to learn more, please follow the link below:

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