Saturday, February 14

Tronfy "iWork" Mini4.0 Minimal Sheltered Wireless Bluetooth V4.0 In Ear Earbud/Earpiece Earphone Headphone Headset w/Mic Support Stream

The Tronfy iWork Wireless Bluetooth Earbud is a small earphone without too much work to pair or the frustration to deal with wires, and includes many sizes to fit one's ear. They also include an extra ear bud if you want two like a traditional pair of Bluetooth headphones.

Comes with an extra ear phone
to make it a duo headphone and additional attachments and sizes for your perfect fit. 
What I love is that the device still gives you a decent 3-4 hours of play and call time and the device is pretty small so it's not even very noticeable or hard to take along with you.
The sound on the other hand, is very clear like many headsets and you can easily gain access to two devices at the same time. So being able to turn on my tablet and watch a streamed video or instantly turn on my phone and hear the downloaded music I have, can be possible. Something like that makes life easier than having to set up one product than another separately. 
I pretty much would set it up for the most used products, which are my phone and tablet. 

I love that they keep in mind that we aren't all going to fit the same ear bud and that they give us a choice of 4 pairs, which allows us to find what fits best! Plus, I just still love how small this device is and how easy it is to use. I do wish the time of music could be a bit longer, but still this is such a wonderful step up from wires.

Terrific product!

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