Wednesday, February 4

The Quinoa Recipe Book: Easily Integrate Superfood Quinoa Into Your Daily Diet And Enjoy Healthier Eating By Julie Jones

I love books that could help me eat healthier and keep things interesting. Sometimes, when you deal with acid reflux or certain intolerance's, your diet needs to be changed and your forced to try new things. However, it may be hard to break a habit of your favorite food, and to enjoy something that doesn't sound good or you haven't tried may be hard to enjoy.

So when I read Julie Jones's book on Quinoa, I learned so much about this grain that I never knew about before. I only heard in the past that it tastes bad or people didn't like Quinoa. However, the recipes and ways this book shows you to prepare it, makes it so much easier and delicious!

I am so inspired to add natural protein from a grain like Quinoa into my dairy free and meat free diet as well as make some fun meals and desserts with it as well!

The book is full of wonderful photos, delicious recipes from meals and desserts and are easy for even a beginner cook to use.

I really enjoyed reading this and can't wait to start making more with Quinoa!

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