Saturday, February 14

The Lanyard Ladies, Friendship Bracelet and Lanyard Making Kit

The Friendship Bracelet and Lanyard Making Kit has everything you need to get started. You have your directions on DVD, the plastic lacing and embroidery floss and beads.
It  really is a fun kit for the mom's and daughters to spend time together making bracelets together! Your given everything you need so all you have to buy is this package and your ready to go. I love that the directions are visual because it's easier to see it being done than reading or looking at images.

I love the different stunning bracelet designs you can make. At first it may seem a bit hard to begin, but afterwards it's really easy.

You have all the colors included and the DVD is just perfect, no more looking on YouTube for help. It's a perfect kit and everything you need to just start, no separate buying or looking information up on the internet.

Terrific kit for beginners and those who are interested in learning a new material to create friendship bracelets with.These will last way longer than string and are so bold in color!

Wonderful gift idea, and fun for the entire family. Great Job Lanyard Ladies, love this kit!

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