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The Gardener's Friend - Gardening Tools Review

Below I have 3 wonderful products for gardeners to use outdoors or in. They really are perfect for anyone, who wants a professional tool that won't leave your hands in pain.

I really love having a pair of Pruners, instead of using scissors. I find that even the type is what you need to pay attention too. Since, many pruners you can buy cheap and end up rusting or too hard to open and snip, that could just be more frustration to use and would lead me to going for a pair of scissors. 

However, what I find that these Pruners by The Gardener's Friend has that others don't is the comfortable grip for the hands, the ability to cut thicker branches and twigs off a tree or plant, and even though it may feel light weight, it has a sharp and smooth blade that can cut through 24MM of tree twigs fast. The size of the tool is stunning, very large and just like the true professional tool for outdoor gardening or out door work. You really won't find something so perfect for anyone to use. 

The design is wonderful, and with the ability to lock the handle and the blade from being left open, is perfect for safety and keeping the tool stored without causing or being damaged. No matter who you are, anyone really could use this. I love it so much, that it will be the first thing I lean towards when I want to prune a plant, verse the kitchen scissors.

Awesome Product!

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I love these for indoor use and outdoors. they really are easy to use and work wonders for trimming those pieces that need pruning. I find the blade to be perfectly sharp and the handle very soft to hold and grip on.These won't lead you in pain after use, and they really don't feel like your holding anything. I mean you can tell you have something in your hands, but the light weight feel is wonderful when your not use to or having difficulty lifting heavy tools to work on a project or just to garden. Sometimes, we have problems where our hands hurt, like arthritis. I find these to be perfect even that my grandma could use these and not have to worry about her fingers swelling up or having a problem to grip it.

Large enough space for your fingers to go into.

Locking feature to keep the blade safe , while packed away

Pressing down and pushing the locking button down, will unlock the tool. However,
to lock it up again, just push down again and push the button up on both sides.

The fingers can easily fall into place with these. Because the Shears have a nice large round loop handle you can easily slide your fingers in and out, Plus it's all of your fingers, not just a few. I really think anyone who wants a perfect indoor or outdoor tool for plant pruning or even your fruit trees, this would be wonderful!

Included on the back a small extra little piece that can help you add oil to the blade.

You'll have perfect trimmed plants every time!

I really do enjoy these and my plants really look so much better and are growing as healthy and well shaped.

Just wonderful!
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The Gardner's Friend Folding Pruning Saw  is a wonderful Saw for cutting some thick branches off a tree, which when a storm or some kind of storm blows through we won't have those small branches blowing all over. However, you can use this for so many other projects like with wood and plastic. My first impressions, is that I love how the blade is very sharp and the angle makes it perfect for taking off a thick branch, cutting up some plastic bottles, or pieces of wood. I know it probably wouldn't take off a tree trunk, only if you want to stand there all day, but it is great for those small thick branches and many other DIY or clean up projects you have around the house. I tend to find it useful for so much more because I'm trying to work with wood and this has helped me a ton! 

The one thing that makes this Saw stand out from the rest is that you can easily tuck the blade down, leaving no sharp edge or dangerous tip that could cut or slice your hand. Plus, that it is also meant for everyone to use. Especially, those who have a difficult time using our hands due to arthritis or carpal tunnel syndrome and even beginners just learning to use a Saw. The colors does allow this to stand out, so I know exactly what tool this will be used for. There also is the button, which helps you unfold the blade and get it ready for cutting or to put the blade back down into the handle.

I never had a real saw before, but since my mom use to work as a construction worker, this saw is something close to what she would use. Her reaction, once I shared the tool with her was that she couldn't wait to use it. Her eyes opened up with joy and she was just amazed how well it got down those branches and how easy it was to cut through pieces of wood. Finally, we both agree that the handle is so comfortable and makes the grip of holding it very easy. You don't get pain or aching feeling in your hands, while using it daily or just for a long day of use. One other thing is that the D shape handle gives you a better advantage for cutting down different objects and the lightweight feel of the object, won't cause you to feel pain or give you difficulty to lift the product up.

Hard, Strong, Comfortable and Durable that is what you get with the Folding Pruning Saw. My mom and I agree, this is just excellence!

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