Thursday, February 19

Technoskin New 3DS XL Case


The Technoskin New 3DS XL Case is so roomy and can fit all those past DS systems as well. I have all types from DS lite to the DSI, 3DS and even another DSI system. However,
I do think the newest one coming out looks awesome! Honestly, it always is once they add some nice adjustments making game play an even better experience!  

Storage mesh compartment on the top of the case. Great for screen microfiber clothes,
the bag's  strap, and so much more!
However, no matter the DS system you may have, this case will hold either one perfectly! 

You can hold 8 game cartridges, all ds, dsi, and 3ds games fit fine!

You will notice the entire case can hold up too 8 DS/3Ds game cartridges and that's a perfect amount for traveling or taking it anyplace. So you can always pull your system out and play the few fun games you enjoy the most. I actually have a few I love and recently purchased that are something I would pack in this bag. Plus, my recent purchase of Kingdom of Hearts a 3DS game would fit perfectly in this bag.

Below you can fit in the mesh bottom compartment the game system, and the top piece is
soft so it won't cause damage to your system.
The case is really well made, with the strong nylon material that shields the device your carrying from damage and the soft inner fiber cushion to provide scratch protection from scratches.
One thing that I really love is the adjustable strap, which makes it easy to change it around from a normal shoulder bag to a one that can go across the body or just to hold in the hands.
However, most bags you buy could be a bit bulky and heavy to keep your systems protected like the older gameboy cases, but the Technoskin Case is light weight and feels barely like anything at all!

Truly a wonderful product and with the extra storage areas for styluses and cloths for cleaning this is a great travel companion for anyone who enjoys gaming, like me!

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