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TaoTronics desk lamp (TT-DL09)

The TaoTronics Desk Lamp is a stunning lamp, which is what I see when I look at it! Not your typical design, but more like a arm holding a mirror. What catches the eye is the rectangular LED lamp top. I really love that look, and when you use it, it's like WOW! 
The unique ability to bend and twist in all different positions
The light comes out so bright, and no flickering. What you have is a a perfect white light you see. Now for the neck/arm part of the lamp it's so adjustable that you could
take this to a small office, crafting area, or room and you'll have a handy lamp that will allow you to see anything that is needed. You can move the lamp forward to reach where you need
to get the light to reach, no need for a flashlight. Your also able to adjust the head of the lamp and have it facing straight down.
Able to bend in so many positions
The neck has the ability to allow the lamp to bend up and down
The part near the elbow is able to turn the entire lamp to face a different way.
However the elbow part is able to reach distances going straight up or down.
The bottom can bend forward or straight up.

The large mirror like lamp panel or can even be thought of as the face.

In my opinion, this lamp by TaoTronics is very different, but in such a good way. It takes less space, doesn't have a large long LED lamp head that could hit into anything and your getting about 50% more light in an area, verse any of the other lamps I have ever owned. If you notice, the top of the lamp is shaped with that rectangular mirror look, which isn't covered by anything from either side. So when you have a flat pannel of LED light, you'll be getting only the brightest LED possible, without anything blocking it or causing it to be less as bright. That is something different with Taotronics, which I've noticed with their lamps. 

Before plugged in you can see nothing is lit
Once plug is in the outlet the power button will  turn on, with a white light.
Press the button on and than the rest of the light choices will come on as well
Also, to mention that even though you get an awesome product with just the light, but you also have that USB Port so charging is something you can do while working or reading under the lamp. I find it perfect for my phone, keeping it charged while I read or craft under the light.
Has a good amount of light, this is just once turned on and no selection of the four
choices touched.

Finally, this product and like many of the Taotronic products I own is something I really enjoy! It's one of the best lamps and most useful lamps I've ever gotten. 

Such a great product!

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