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Tagital Tablet and Keyboard Cases Review

 I have three Tagital brand tablets and two are bundle sets. They are all perfect for adults and children, very easy to use and extremely affordable!

The Tagital T7X Tablet is a very beautiful slim tablet. It's still has the power of Quad Core, allowing it to be super fast and efficient. The screen is also very clear and viewing any image on the device is and will be for anyone who purchases it, a pleasant experience.

You have the ability to enjoy the newer videos, games and so much more on this device. The tablet comes installed with the latest version of Google Android.

So your not only getting a newer edition to the Tagital line, but your up to date with the newest versions in the Google line of upgraded systems.

I think the main reason I find this device to be a delight are:

  • Dual Cameras- gives you the ability to video chat, record and take photos from either side.
  • Speed - allowing you to get to one place to another fast and having multiple items up on the screen at the same time, without a huge drop in speed. Extras - The Keyboard and Case come included and already together, so your set! No extra purchases needed, with the device.
  • Memory - You can expand the memory with the additional memory port, up to 32GB. Allows more space for recording, watching downloaded videos, playing the many games you've got downloaded and saved, and also for the many other work related and notes saved onto the machine. Updated - All set for the newest year and with the newest version of Google. 

For myself, I love the entire package! Everything is there and you don't need to buy this and than a case and for ease of typing, a keyboard. Instead, you buy this and your already got everything you need, plus your already set with latest version of Google.

So if your looking for easy to use, able to do what you need, can be able to adjust the settings to your preference and everything you need is included, than this is the machine to get.

This is a terrific tablet by Tagital! 

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This is a wonderful tablet! Let me first say that it is a clear screen so viewing a video or streaming live shows or reruns, look great!  The slim design and the keyboard that come with it, make for a awesome bundle set!If your like me, and enjoy a real keyboard, not the one that comes on the touch screen of the tablet, than you'll love this package deal.  

It's so easy to take any place, you can do your work, play games, watch movies, and pretty much anything on this tablet. Just think of it as the on the go computer that doesn't require you lugging a heavy electronic device. However, it is larger than a 7inch tablet, but for the few inches there really isn't much more to weight to carry and you do get a great viewing screen.

The tablet comes together, when you receive it in the mail. The only thing you really need to know how to do is turn it on and put in your Google name and password. Now, your already set up and ready to enjoy the Apps, the Google email, and all of the fun things the tablet has installed and you can do with Google.  

The case's stand lets it sit on an angle and keep it from falling down while you work or play on the tablet.

Some new features in this tablet is the ability to get to anyplace you want to go faster, due to the Quad core and viewing 3D graphics that are sure to leave you breathless!  I truly enjoy watching my shows as they should be seen in the theater, and this tablet brings it!

The easy access to moving things on this tablet, or changing the settings is always fun and to make it your own, I'm sure you love to personalize it the way you feel it looks best. So you have that opportunity as well.

Terrific tablet and keyboard and like always the price is not going to leave you broke!

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2014 Tagital T7X 7" isn't a bad tablet cause it's a year before, instead this one actually runs perfectly and still has many updated versions of Google Android and apps on the device.

The Tablet is like most of the Tagital brands I've used, they are stunning! The 3D effects really jump out of the screen, the picture is perfectly clear and the sound can be as loud as you like it to be!

Now for the cameras, you get two as many of the Tagital Tablets, and they work pretty good. More for like fun and video chatting. The setup of the Tagital tablet is a piece of cake!  Just put in your Google account and your ready to have some fun. The tablet transfers your account through its system and your now able to access all the apps, the email and so much more.

I love Google and now playing my RPG games, My fun puzzling apps and even watching videos on the screen is a blast! You would definitely see a huge change from an older tablet that doesn't play videos quite well compared to the screen on the Tagital.

I really use this most for fun, as what I feel tablets should be. So mainly I'm using it to socialize with friends on Twitter, Facebook and so many other networks, as well as playing games and apps from Google Play that I've downloaded.

You will be pleased with this device, even if it's a 2014 brand!

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