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Tagital T7X 7" Tablets Review

Below are two beautiful tablets by Tagital, each with quad core processing, Bluetooth and much more!

What you have here is a stunning white tablet, which I always felt was a sharp color because black is your normal color you get in many devices. Any how, with the white tablet you have your the entire bundle! You get the keyboard and case, with the tablet. Now, if you ever notice how expensive they are separate for a quality case that can protect the tablet and support it as a stand, plus it to have the keyboard inside, you'll notice it to be more than what you would be paying for an inexpensive, but well made tablet bundle like Tagital.  

I should know, since I've been searching for a case and keyboard, but WOW the prices are like half the price for this set, most of them. Plus, if you buy online you get the chance it's going to be good or bad. So, that is why when I had the chance to get an entire keyboard case and tablet I definitely couldn't pass it up. Also, because if you want something to work as fast as you do, these tablets have quad core, which would allow the speed be so much better verse dual core and it's an Android!

So what you get in the box:

  • Tablet - 2015 updated version of Tagital, which includes pre-installed Google Apps, Internet, and more! You have a choice to change the settings and set wireless up, as well as turn on Bluetooth. You also will be able to enter you Google account and now you can download Google Play Store Apps and look at your email, pretty much anything Google is now in your control!
  • Keyboard - You have a fully functional keyboard, everything that you get on your laptop or see on the touch screen of a tablet, you have here on this keyboard. No missing letters, or any that don't work. It's got enough space if you are like me who sometimes types with their wrists touching the board. 
  • Case - Of course, this is already together with the keyboard, but I figure I explain it separate. The case is one that can transform into a stand allowing you to keep your tablet in the upright angled position. Also makes it easier to type on the keyboard, view videos, play games, and do any type of school or other forms of work. The case is very well made, and will keep the tablet from being scratched, dented or just about anything that may come in contact with it. 
I think for this entire set your getting something worth buying! It's perfect for beginners and also perfect for those who want to play games on or stream video too! I really love the color and the entire bundle. It really is something to take advantage of, if you have kids who are in need
of the latest technology. I really think anyone who got one of these would enjoy it, I know I do!

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Blue is so cool! It's a refreshing bold blue color that I know I never had in a tablet or well any of my devices. This tablet has that wonderful speed thanks too quad core processing. This allows the tablet to  get you from app to app to app in a few seconds. No more waiting for a page to load or struggle to load to many pages at the same time! You will also notice this is another Android Tablet and you get the entire bundle, case and keyboard included.  

I find that if your buying a tablet, you know sometimes down the line you'll want to have a case and even a keyboard. Speaking for myself, I always wanted a keyboard but never had chance to get one, Plus, to have a tablet included is awesome, blue is awesome! However, some may feel it might be not as good to get the entire package verse everything separate. I can agree I doubt things like low prices with a great bundle deal, can be a good set, but in this case I'd be wrong! 

The tablet is efficient, high quality and viewing the screen I just still get amazed! Your 3D images just pop, the games play excellent that you don't see blurred areas, and you get the theater like viewing with perfect volume. It really is just amazing! Plus, so portable with it being 7", you can take it any place. Also, if your not using the case you could always get a Universal Case and enjoy that as well, but with every device a case is a perfect safety purchase to have with any device. So, to get all that together and a keyboard, your totally saving!

Now like most of the Tagital tablets, the cases are well designed and it doesn't seem o look or feel in any way weak, flimsy and easy to break. That would just be horrible if your getting a nice tablet and a cheap case, but in this case your not! It's really a well made case that if dropped won't cause the device to break or shatter, will even protect from any thing breaking, or scratching it up! Plus the keyboard is totally function-able and has every letter, number and even a special "zzz" key for sleep. Simply just put in the USB Port on the keyboard and your ready to go. You just got to love Plug and Play, no downloading needed!

So my final opinion,  this is a bundle that will save you money, makes everything so easy to access and use, comes with dual cameras almost forgot to mention and is fun for kids, adults and pretty much anyone! 

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