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Syono Full Length Orthotic Insoles

The Syono Full Length Orthotic Insoles is so comfortable and fits perfectly in any pair of sneakers, heels, and boots. The Benefit of a great pair of Full Length Orthotic Insoles is that your foot is supported and kept in a position that keeps you from ever having pain from walking all day long and or even just in a pair of uncomfortable shoe. Having a comfortable full length size is actually not only supporting the heel, which you can get many types that only do the heel, but it also supports the arch and the farthest part of the foot.

I have flat feet, but not too flat just don't have my arch as high as my family. Oddly my mom and twin sister have a larger arch also smaller feet. I still think it's strange my twin sister even has smaller feet than I, but it's true. I always have to go an inch or inch and half more than her and my mom.I tend to have always had a problem of stepping properly. 

However, I notice with the use of Syono Orthotic Insoles, I felt a comfort and support to keep my foot in place. I don't have to just leave it in one type of shoe either! You can take these and put them in all types you wear. I love that they don't have a horrible amount of odor let out and let you foot breath as well. I hate having my feet feel like they are locked up and not able to feel like I can move them.

I really love how they have been working for my feet, how they fit all my shoes, and how I can stand properly. Great product, even for those who have arches and just want to stop the pain they have walking all day long on your feet or from weight issues that may cause you have discomfort.

They really do work and feel great!

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