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Sinoguo Pillow and Case Reviews

I have below three types of cases by Sinoguo. One is for the house, to cover your square pillows and the other is for the laptop or any device that
may fit the bag.

This is a soft Felt Case, with two extra pockets inside for a few small items. I can see putting a stylus, maybe some writing utensils, a small calculator, flash drives, memory cards, or even some small wires. However, you use the pockets they will hold perfectly with the computer/notebook inside the case.

I always love the feeling of the case, but what I find interesting is that it isn't weak. I know some felt made products may seem a bit thin and to hold a laptop, it may just break apart. However, I never seen that with this
case! I've been able to hold my mini laptop, 10" or my Tablet 10" with case (depends on what I need to bring with me that day or prefer to use) and a my Samsung smart phone, my mouse, and some other things. It doesn't seem to 
show any sign of tear in the corners or any type of damage anyplace on the case.

I think for the most part the entire case and extra small case for a mouse or anything that you want to bring along, is a nice product to own. The sleeve is very sleek and perfect for college students, adults and pretty much anyone!
What I love that a few brands I've had before didn't include is the black elastic band thata secures the closure and gives it a entirely different look. 

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I think this is an interesting color for a case. I love the natural sand tones in the bag, almost does remind me of a camel in the desert. The orangish or burnt tan color on the leather in the corner and closure is a nice touch as well. For the bag itself, you have an easy slide in and slide out for the tablet. It says it's for the Macbook Air Pro Retina, but if it's a 13 inch case I can still find use for my larger 10" Tablet and a pair of ear-buds or a flash drive.

I love that the front has a nice big pocket, for some extras and also how again with felt you have that soft feeling, making it a pleasant experience while traveling with your device. 
Very strong and stylish for those who love a nice tan colored case. I think it's definitely an eye catcher, something no one sees used often with these colors.

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This is a lovely hemp pillow case. It's a decent cover for your 16, 18 or 20 inch square pillows. I find the 16 inch case to fit both of my couch's square pillows. It isn't too tight or extremely too big, but just about the right size. These an give your home a lovely natural look, as it does mine. Plus, if your using a case, you can protect your pillows from anything that may fall or leak on to them. It's pretty easy to take it off, wash it and reuse. However, if you don't have one, than to clean a mess off of it maybe a bit tricky. 

I think for the most part, this is a nice natural case to own and it fits to the size mentioned. Also the glitter and feel is nice for decoration, not much sleeping on. However, it's just perfect for my home!

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