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ShouFang HeadLamp Reviews

These are three different types of Headlamps that make camping, fishing and so much more easy to do in the dark. 

The Headlamp comes with 3 triple A batteries to power it on, so no worries of purchasing anything extra once you get the package. I like that it is adjustable to fit your head and keep a secure tight hold as well. So if your doing any activity that requires movement, than the product would hold securely on your head without feeling loose and falling off.

The light is bright enough, that if you accidentally turn it on facing yourself, you will notice as I've already have how blinding it an be! However, for a simple Headlight/Flashlight for outdoors or in this is really a brilliant one. 

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For an orange Headlamp, which is a really nice color to have, you get the benefit of seeing through the pitch black night. I love that it's another perfect adjustable light, doesn't feel heavy on the forehead and not difficult to turn on and off. There is only one button and below a small USB Port for charging the device.

Everything you need is in the box, no extra parts are needed. The battery does last longer and what I like is that the LED light is very strong, that it covers a great distance of the ground.
So if your outdoors at night walking, fixing, or doing some night fishing/camping this little light will make viewing a good amount of area easier than some other lights.

Pretty nice product, and still the Orange is different, but I like it!

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Another lamp that I like is one that doesn't only give you a good amount of light, but one that comes in a bold color like this Blue. I have a few of these lamps and this one is very nice! I like the color, but what really makes this a wonderful product is that the light is as bright as you need it to be! You can adjust it to fit your needs and your head size. 

It's got all the same fun effects and great emergency flashes you get with most Headlamps, but I think the only one light I don't see often on a headlamp is the red. However, they all are great for any activity, a way to signal someone, and pretty much you can use it for emergencies.

I find like with all headlamps, that they very much help with fishing, fixing something outdoors, and many outdoor activities. It can come in handy for a whole bunch of things!

Plus, just think if you don't have a flashlight to hold in your hand, but on your head, you now have the access to do anything that requires two hands verse just one.  So, I would recommend this and pretty much any headlamp to carry in a car for emergencies, for outdoor runners during the night or walkers, and just any other activities you love to do outdoors.

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