Wednesday, February 25

Original Buddha Board - Master the art of letting go

The Original Buddha Board is so wonderful for those who love peace, meditation and relaxation.  The board by allowing you to paint/draw away your problems. It can be just so relaxing and peaceful, allowing you to relax and draw images that make you smile. I find when I'm feeling down, I will draw a smile or a heart to just make my frown go away. However, you can draw anything that makes you feel so much better inside and out. To me it's like an instant way to feel better for the moment and really helps clear the mind out.

The stand where you lay the brush (included) and the board.
When you use this board you don't need ink, pens, pencils, markers or paint of any kind. Instead, it's all done by water! Yup, the clear stuff that you use for so many things. This is all you need and you get everything in the box, like the paint brush and the board. Also, it doesn't take any electric to use, so it's like a board you can use every single day for as long as you like.

Now just dip the brush in water and let your imagination flow!

What I really love is how large the board is and how big you can let your imagination flow! I also find that listening to some meditation music of nature helps as well. It really makes life better, when you have time for yourself and get to enjoy it with drawing/painting on a reusable board. 

It will last a long time and keep you smiling and at a peaceful state, well from my experience that is what I feel every-time I use it!

Great Product Buddha Board Inc.

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